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What is MindsDB?

Data that lives in your database is a valuable asset. MindsDB enables you to use your data and make forecasts. It speeds up the ML development process by bringing machine learning into the database.

With MindsDB, you can build, train, optimize, and deploy your ML models without the need for other platforms. And to get the forecasts, simply query your data and ML models.

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Natural Language Processing

MindsDB's NLP capabilities allow for natural language processing in machine learning models. Quickly analyze, classify and generate text data.

Summarize Texts

Worried of long paragraphs? Well, simply paste your long boring text here and let our awesome MindsDB models extract a summary for you.

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Analyze Sentiments

Provide a text and simply let our amazing MindsDB models do the sentiment analysis of your text for you.

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Let our amazing MindsDB models powered by OpenAI do some translations for you on the GO!

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Spam Detection

Spam emails or texts are a big pain for all of us. But worry no more, as you can now detect spam texts using our amazing spam detection models.

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JSON Extraction

Provide a Movie synopsis below and let our powerful model fetch a JSON output with the Movie Name, Director, Star cast and the Plot of the movie for you.

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Question Answering

Now you can ask anything, starting from your assignment questions to details about MindsDB on the GO! Thanks to our robust MindsDB Question-Answering models.

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ESG Labelling

Now you can add the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) based labels to text using natural language processing (NLP) techniques powered by MindsDB and HuggingFace instantly.

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Industry Identification

Determine and label the type of associated industry based on your text inputs hassle-free. Our super fast models will determine the most accurate industry with just a click.

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MindsDB provides AI-powered predictions with unparalleled ease of use. Get insights, predictions, and forecasts in seconds.

Predict the Price of a Mobile

Let our amazing Predictor Models predict the price of your next mobile phone based on the specs you want.





Screen Size (inch)


Battery   (mAh)

Forecast Ethereum Price

Now you can forecast the Ethereum Closing prices for any future dates till the next year. Thanks to your amazing Time Series Models. Prediction models.

Predict Water Potability

Ensuring safe water for all with MindsDB's Potability Predictor







Organic Carbon



Forecast Tesla Stock Prices

Our Timeseries Models can not only predict the future values for Cryptocurrencies but also can predict the stock prices of your favorite companies too.